dilluns, 25 d’abril del 2016


Thanks to all the students who have been taking part in the project!
We have experienced about 4 months of hard work and have also experienced hard obstacles when we had to talk in another language, the English one for the Spanish students and the Spanish one for the German students.


In a look back to what the project has been, we can see real good results, individual and also grouped ones.

And, also, we can see that all the students of the project have been developing a work in a participatory process in two important European languages: English and Spanish.

We, as teachers, want to emphasize that in this explained above context, students did a big effort doing some presentations of local companies, with all the information in a foreign language. Spots created related to the local company in order to promote them were very awesome and like to everyone a lot!

And, of course, and also very important, students managed videoconferences using the Skype in order to talk between each other.

CONGRATULATIONS to all students and MANY THANKS to our colleagues in Germany!!!!