diumenge, 22 de novembre del 2015

Meeting each other as the initial steps of the E-TWINNING PROJECT

The "TWO AND A HALF LENGUAS" E-TWINNING PROJECT'S of this academic year 2015-2016 is following its course....

And the last Friday, the students of the 1st year of High Level Education in Administration and Finance our High School were chatting during hour our with their German mates from the BBS Wirtschaft I Ludwigshafen just to make possible their first approach and meeting.

Each of the students from both High Schools taking part in this project were asking in a live chat some questions related themselves, such as Name, Age, Hobbies, Traveling, Family, Future... with the purpose to get a first contact between them.

Here you can watch a video during that chat

And.....with all this personal information, now, the next step for the our students is to make a presentation from the students of the German High School and also get ready to listen how the German mates have described themselves in their presentations. 

When it will be??? In two weeks!!! 

This week the student will be hard-working preparing these presentations!!!!!
So....we will be informing you with the details of those presentations once they have been done.

We are all looking forward for that wonderful time!!!!!
"TWO AND A HALF LENGUAS" was the name that won the votations related to choose the name of the E-twinning Project conducted among all the students of the 1st year of Higher Level Education of Administration and Finance, both from our High School in IES Maria Àngels Cardona and the German High Level Education center, which are currently participating in the E-twinning project of the academic year 2015-2016.