dimarts, 23 de febrer del 2016


Our e-twinning Project of the academic year 2015-2016 is due to finish.

But, before, we need to conclude our last final task related to the local company we visited a week ago.

Now we are working with the presentation of the local company. This week, each group is going to finish the presentation about Ca’s Sucrer or Gin Xoriguer.

Then, next week, the groups will record a video explaining their presentations.

Once, finished, we need to watch the videos from our German Colleagues and try to find out the answer for the question that are in each presentation of each local company.

In the middle of March, our students and the German ones will be doing a Skype in order to talk about the presentation of the local companies and all together will be answering the questions there are in the presentations of our colleagues. The German students will tell us if our answers are correct or not and, we will do the same with the answer that the German student will have provided to us.

Finally, in April, after the Easter Holidays, we will work on the spots of our local companies and, we will record the spot too.

Then, at the end of that month, we will watch all the spots uploaded to the E-twinning platform and, of course, we are will choose the best one!!!