dissabte, 30 de gener del 2016


This Friday the students who take part in the E-TWINNING PROJECT 2015-2016 had been working with mind maps!!!!

Regarding the news we had been told to read, understand and summarize by our foreign partners, this Friday we had all done a mind map, specifically a bilingual one.

Here you are some examples of the Spanish students' mind maps:

Albert's Cmaptools mind map

Ana's Cmaptools mind map

Jordi's Cmaptools mind map

Marc's Cmaptools mind map

Gemma's Cmaptools mind map

Here you are some examples of the German students' mind maps:

Dominik and Jannik's Mind map 
Rick and Vincent's Mind map

Rabia and Carolina's Mind map

First of all the mind map had been done using a computing tool: the Cmaptools software.

Then, the students had been putting in practice their own creativity and.....they have also written down the mind map in a colorful poster board with colored words and sentences. We are now in this step….IMAGINATION IN ITS MOST POWERFUL STAGE!!!!

All of us have had a lot of fun!!!!

Keep aware because we are going to upload the final result of our colorfyl poster boars in a short time…..